In a small region of Romania is where you found your end

your body beaten and tortured as were 219 of your friends

With cruel human hands they dragged you, along that concrete path

not to a person who would love you, but to one that sneered and laughed


They beat your body, they crushed your skull

such pain and horror upon you they reigned down

Mercilessly killing you

then after, like rubbish they threw you on the ground


When the volunteers that had cared for you

returned to find you there

No wagging of tails and noisy barks

no smiles to be shared


By the time that it was over,

by the time that your bodies were found

There was no one who could have saved you

the Mayor of Botosani had laid his orders down


I wish I could have saved you

I wish that I could have been there

To stop you being harmed and killed

instead of your body laying there


Though for you I can do nothing

nor for your friends who also died

But there are so many more like you

in Romania’s cities and countryside's


I swear I will do all I can,

in your memory I will fight

To stop this happening to others

on another Romanian night


Whilst on this earth now my battles begun

a little easier it will be

Knowing you now walk with Angels

and with them watch over me.



   Author, Kendra Pinder, Angel Painting with permission of artist J Makey (Full copyrights applicable)